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PowerShell the languaje for Windows systems administrators

PowerShell one of the most powerfull tools for the Windows OS. The power of this tool relies in the Object-Oriented environment. You can use it not just for managing Windows, but almost anything in the Microsoft Stack (IIS, SQLServer, HyperV….).

As an example of cmdlet, you can get the list of currently running VM’s in a Hyper-V server by typing:

You’ll something like:


That’s it! There is bunch of objects and properties you can take a look. Just open the PowerShell ISE and take a look.

TIP: The PowerShell ISE can also be installed in Windows 8, just add it to your system via Add/Remove Windows features. Once installed, open it with WIN+R and typing “powershell ise”. It won’t be present in your Start Menu.

TIP2: You may also want to take a look at this blog from Lance Boley to grab some ideas.

Other Useful commands:

Review VMs VHDs